About us
Agro-Fortis Kft. was formed in 2000 in Szentes. The founders had great experiences in international trade. The mission
of the company is to serve agriculture enterprises with base materials and machines of reliable quality, in order to enable
efficient business operations.

The former undertakings of the owners of the company have been maintaining a business relationship since 1990 with the fodder industrial company established in 1911 and owned by the Dossche family in Belgium. From this company they imported base materials for fodder used to feed poultry, swine and cow. Since its establishment Agro-Fortis Kft. has held sole distributorship for Dossche products in the area of Bács-Kiskun, Békés and Csongrád counties.

The company also deals with the import of agriculture machines. With special regard to machines used in livestock breeding and fertilizer handling. We have great experiences in the distribution of technical machines used in swine breeding. www.agrofimus.hu

The company owns two sites of its own. In the company headquarters we have an office building of 250 m2 and two warehouse buildings of 260 m2 each, the necessary infrastructure, a forklift and four trucks.
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